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Spirit of Salford

Welcome to the Spirit of Salford.

Even though the city of Salford is experiencing really tough times, we still have much to celebrate.

Salford people are resilient, good-natured and caring. They are resourceful, entrepreneurial and passionate. They support and look out for each other even when times are hard.

It is that spirit - the Spirit of Salford - which we want to help strengthen and celebrate in the year ahead.

City Mayor Ian Stewart, and Salford City Council are proud to launch this campaign and look forward to sharing and celebrating the unique characteristics, personality and pioneering spirit of our great city. This year long campaign featured the Spirit of Salford Festival, which was held throughout May and culminated in a two-day 'Weekender' of event celebrations.

Sprit of Salford will help generate and promote interest, awareness and involvement in the life of the city amongst its local population. Above all it will make Salford proud - of both its citizens and its city.

This is your opportunity to be part of this special celebration of the best of your city. You can join in and take part, become a volunteer, organise your own event or sponsor another one. Or simply enjoy the campaign - and your city. This is your chance to be part of the Spirit of Salford.

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